Pheasant Valley Farm ​Quality Upland Bird Hunting

Email to schedule a hunt  

Read all information below and include all of the requested information

 in your email. 

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a PA hunting license?

PA hunting licenses and PA pheasant permits are not required. 

How do I schedule a hunt? What information do I need to provide to schedule a hunt?

  • To schedule a hunt email and include all of the information listed below. 
  • Your first & last name
  • The date that works for your party
  • The number of hunters in your party (Saturday minimum of 2)
  • Choose between 8AM or 1PM start times
  • Do you have your own bird dog? If not request a dog and handler (all hunts must be accompanied by a gun dog)
  • The number and type of birds you want to hunt
  • Also provide the best contact phone number in case bad weather is forecast

Which gauge shotgun, size shot, and choke do you recommend? Customers have been successful using 410 through 12 gauge shotguns. More importantly, use the gun that you shoot the best. 5, 6, 7.5 or 8 shot is recommended.  A standard game load is adequate no need for magnum or high brass loads. Shotguns must be plugged to a 3 shell limit. Use the most open choke you can put in your shotgun.

How much orange do I need to wear?

250 square inches of fluorescent orange required on head, chest and back.

What form of payment do you accept?

  • Only cash or checks are accepted.
  • Deposits are not required. We ask that you inform us ASAP if you have any changes or need to cancel.

Do I need to hunt with a dog?

It is mandatory at Pheasant Valley Farm. A well trained bird dog is essential to find birds to flush and shoot and to recover downed birds. If you do not have your own bird dog guides with well trained dogs are available.

What if bad weather is forecast on the day of my hunt?

We ask for a contact number and contact hunters if we have weather concerns.

​​Does Pheasant Valley Farm rent shotguns?

We do not rent shotguns. Our policy is that hunters bring their own guns and be familiar with their function.

​​How many hunters in a party?

When using our guides and dogs we prefer a maximum of 4-5 hunters in a group for hunt quality and safety reasons. 6 or more hunters will be split into two groups.  We do not combine groups.

What is your youth policy? 

On guided hunts youth participating or walking along must be 12 years old and have completed a state sponsored hunter safety course.